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We hope to provide Watch Hill home owners with up-to-date information and foster communication and an exchange of ideas.


Pool is Open!

Hours:     5/25 – 6/28
Mon - Fri 1PM to 6PM
Saturday, Sunday & Memorial Day 11AM to 7PM
6/29 – 9/2
Mon - Fri 12PM to 7PM
Saturday, Sunday, July 4th & Labor Day 11AM to 7PM
No one will be admitted to the pool area without showing proper identification to the lifeguard staff showing that they are residents of Watch Hill.
Children under 16 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.
Do not discard trash in the pool area.
Pets are strictly forbidden within the pool area.
The lifeguard is at poolside for your safety.  Please follow his/her instructions.
Your understanding and cooperation go a long way to ensure a safe and enjoyable swimming season.
No swimming or pool area use without a lifeguard present or unless otherwise noted.
Guests must be accompanied by a resident at all times.
A $3.00 fee will be charged to non-residents (over two guests) on weekdays and a $5.00 charge for all guests on weekends and holidays. (check payable to Watch Hill HOA only).  Guest fees must be paid to the lifeguard in exact amounts.  No change will be given.
No food is allowed in the pool area.  Liquids are allowed in cans or soft containers, not glass.  Smoking and alcoholic beverages are not allowed.  Please clean up after yourself.
Proper swimming attire is required in the pool at all times. Children cannot be allowed to go swimming with diapers.  Waterproof pants are required.  Children must also be clothed at all times.
Balls and water wings are allowed subject to the lifeguard’s discretion.
Radio, etc, must be used with personal earphones.
The Board will attempt to provide sufficient seating for members.  Reserving seats is not allowed.  Seating is provided for residents first and guests if any are available.  Residents may bring their own seating to be removed after each use.

Monthly Reporting:

In order to improve communication and transparency between the Board of Directors and the community, WPMG is sending out a Monthly Report with all the major activities that occurred during the previous month and what's planned for the following month. The report will be only be sent via e-mail. If you don't have e-mail call Brett Wishnia and you can request a mailed copy each month. Please send your e-mail address to to update your e-mail address if you are not sure we have the latest.

General Information:


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