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Annual Meeting:

The annual meeting will be postponed until June 2021 due to the Covid-19 virus since it's not possible to have the meeting in person safely this year. Counsel has advised the Board that our ByLaws specify we must have a physical meeting so a virtual meeting was ruled out as an option. A letter and e-mail was sent to every unit owner with the details of this decision and how we plan to proceed. With this adjournment, please note when the annual meeting is re-scheduled, we shall start the election process all over with the modified process for 2021 that you can view <Here>. This means that new bio’s will need to be submitted. 

Pool Update:

Our pool is currently closed and will be closed for the rest of the 2020 season due to the Covid-19 virus. A letter and e-mail was sent to all residents explaining the decision. You can view the notice <Here>.

Speed Bump Replacement:

New speed dips have been installed on Watch Hill Drive replacing the existing old worn out speed bumps. These are permanent and can be left in all year round providing a safe environment in Phase-1 and for all of our community. The old speed bumps will continue to be used by the pool in Phase-3. No speed bump will be installed at the corner of Brentwood and Watch Hill Drives since after extensive research it would not prevent motorists from rolling through the stop sign. Instead the Board will take action to warn and fine motorists if necessary who roll through any stop sign in the complex. Since this is a problem at all stop signs in the complex residents are encouraged to report any occurrence to Tiffany with as much information as possible and we will follow-up.

New Monthly Reporting:

In order to improve communication and transparency between the Board of Directors and the community, WPMG will be sending out a Monthly Report with all the major activities that occurred during the previous month and what's planned for the following month. The first report was sent out for August 2020 via E-mail and U.S. Mail but going forward it will be only be sent via e-mail. If you don't have e-mail call Tiffany and you can request a mailed copy each month. Please send your e-mail address to tbutts@wpmginc.com to update your e-mail address if you are not sure we have the latest.

General Information:


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